Thanks for joining the Resilience team!

You are making a difference in the lives of survivors.

Below are clickable links for Resilience’s 2021 New Entry Training. Please note that there are 6 total training sessions, with the final session being a live Q&A on May 24 via Zoom. If you have any questions regarding training, please reach out to Sherry Martens at 

Session 1 Video:
 Agency Overview and  Survivor-Center Approaches
Session 1 Worksheet
Session 1 Handouts – Volunteer Timesheet, Inclusive Language Guide, Barriers for Marginalized Survivors


Session 2 Video: Basics of Domestic Violence, Children and DV, Sexual Assault
Session 2 Worksheet


Session 3 Video:  Roots of Domestic & Sexual Violence, Prevention Programs, Resilient Spaces
Session 3 Worksheet


Session 4 Video: Ginny’s Place, Legal Issues, Assessing Danger Levels
Session 4 Worksheet
Session 4 Handouts: Safety Plan, Escalation of Violence Scale, Lethality Assessment, Warning Signs of Abuse, CSC Definitions, Establishing Child Custody, Legal Info for Crisis Workers, Legal FAQ

Session 5 Video: SANE Program and Sexual Assault Volunteer Training
Session 5 Worksheet


Session 6 Zoom Link: LIVE VIRTUAL Q&A (May 24 at 10AM via Zoom) – Basic Principles of Help Line, Community Resources, After-Hours Procedures, Safety Planning, PPOs (click Session 6 for the Zoom link)


Free & confidential support for domestic or sexual violence:

24-Hour Help Line: 1-800-848-5991 Español: 1-866-728-2131 Safe Email: