Supportive Housing Creates Safer Futures

When it comes to staying safe from abuse, housing is key. 

For years, we’ve known that there is a direct correlation between housing and a survivor’s decision to return to an abusive relationship. There are serious costs associated with leaving an abusive relationship (click here for a detailed infographic). Without access to safe, affordable housing, many victims are reluctant to leave their abuser. Securing long-term housing is a crucial step on the pathway to a survivor’s security and well-being. There are various factors that must be taken into consideration – repercussions from past financial abuse, securing enough money to cover move-in costs, even physical safety. Many survivors are stalked after leaving their abuser, meaning they must also find housing that will keep them safe from their perpetrator. Through our programs, survivors are empowered and provided with support and the opportunity to settle into a safe environment.  

Supportive Housing Creates Safer Futures 

We know that finding immediate safety is only the first step. The Resilience Supportive Housing Program offers individual advocacy and assistance with cost of living expenses for families facing homelessness due to domestic violence. This home-based program is designed to empower survivors to rebuild their life by helping find safe, affordable housing while providing support and education.  

Supportive Housing Case Managers help clients determine and overcome the barriers that are preventing them from finding stable housing, such as previous evictions or poor credit scores. The Supportive Housing Team works with local landlords and rental properties to advocate for survivors, often assisting with initial costs, such as housing application fees.  

Participants of our Supportive Housing program receive one-on-one direct support for up to two years, allowing them to create a stable life while having access to important support and resources. Getting housing is often a turning point for healing. Pairing supportive services with safe housing allows a real opportunity for survivors to have stability in their lives. Every home should be a safe home. 

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