We are Resilient
Resilience Executive Director, Beth Larsen  

As we navigate the uncertainty of this global pandemic, I’m often reminded of the emotions we recently experienced throughout our organization’s rebranding process. How do you identify a new name for an organization which adequately captures the complexity of domestic and sexual violence, the impression it leaves on those who experience it, and the spirit of the fierce souls who choose to walk alongside survivors every day? 

We knew who we were and what our service philosophy was: 

  • We believe survivors.
  • We empower with knowledge, resources, support, safety and advocacy.
  • We walk alongside survivors; we don’t direct their journey.
  • We are a community of survivors – amplifying the voices of each other through our collective efforts 

After a year of exploration, focus groups, surveys and input, we were presented with 12 possible names to replace Center for Women in Transition. All were one or two words. Our Rebranding Committee stared blankly at the options before us. Nothing really registered. Nothing truly fit. We had hoped we would be presented with an option which moved all of us. It just wasn’t there. We asked our rebranding firm to go back to the drawing board. They dug deeper. They returned with a few more options. All one or two word names.  This time around, there was one that stuck out: Resilience.  

There is something you need to understand about this organization. Those who have the opportunity to volunteer, be employed, donate or who are otherwise affiliated with it are left with an impression unlike any other.  

As our staff and volunteers come and go – many boomerang back. One thing is certain; this organization changes you. It challenges you to reflect, grow and prosper.  Its mission and the lives it touches strengthens those who are a part of it. It is as if this organization holds up a mirror in front of you and helps you to see your strength, courage, and wisdom. Your resilience. 

It is an absolute honor to lead this organization. To witness the countless survivors who trust us at a time when they are reluctant to trust anyone. To watch them reclaim the strength they have been told didn’t exist within them. To see them regain their power. To hear them find their voice. 

At Resilience, we aim to lift up our staff and volunteers as we would survivors. We walk alongside our teammates, encouraging them to stretch their thinking, invest in their growth and wellness, and to realize their full potential. We embrace vulnerability, acknowledge our imperfections, and rely on our colleague’s strengths to provide quality, expert service to our community. 

Throughout these uncertain times, I have witnessed our collective team at Resilience rise up to meet this challenge head on. It is because of our incredible staff, volunteers, Board and donors that we are here and will continue to be here for countless survivors and their children at a time when they need us most.  

Thank you for walking alongside us in these unprecedented times.